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My background


I first turned to massage as a result of years of office work taking its toll on my back. I used to counter the aches and pains I experienced by getting out and about as much as possible in my leisure time. That can only help so much, though...and can even be counterproductive if you overdo it.
I found massage to be of enormous value, particularly in conjunction with yoga and other therapeutic physical activity.

Having developed an appreciation of the power of massage, I decided to train as a therapist myself in order to help others the way massage therapists have helped me over the years.   

My approach

Every human body is unique, and I see the massage therapist's job as being about developing an understanding of the techniques that work best for each individual client. You, the client, of course, play a big part of that. I welcome feedback before, during and after the massage and encourage clients to tell me where they want the focus to lie. After all, it's your massage!

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